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MSA 2023 Confab Workshops

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Direct Carving Mold for Iron Casting Workshop    

Thursday, October 5th, 1pm – 4pm
Instructor: Dylan Ethan Collins
Location: OU SoVA
 Sculpture Yard
Cost: $60 with Confab registration / $80 workshop only
Limit of 10 participants. 3-hour workshop.

As part of the MSA Confab, West Virginia based artist Dylan Collins will lead this this workshop focusing on the mold making techniques of direct carving into resin bonded sand. Using both power tools and basic hand tools, registrants will explore the use of expressive line, repetitive mark making, and other 3D drawing techniques in order to carve their own molds, culminating in a collaborative iron pour in order to cast their sculptures. Workshop fee includes all mold making materials and up to 5lbs of iron.

All skill levels welcome.


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Objective Figure Sculpting: Focus on Isolated Facial Features Workshop

Friday, October 6th, time: 10am-1pm  

Instructor: Jamie Bates Slone

Location: Figure Sculpture Studios in the Russell Center

Cost: $60 with Confab registration / $80 workshop only

Limit of 10 participants. 3-hour workshop.

Join our immersive workshop on “Objective Figure Sculpting: Focus on Isolated Facial Features” where you'll learn the art of creating intricate and lifelike facial features from observation. This hands-on session will equip you with the essential techniques to sculpt individual facial elements. 

Workshop Highlights:

- Learn the fundamentals of sculpting isolated facial features, including eyes, nose, lips, ears, and more.

- Gain insights into the anatomy and proportions of each facial element for a more realistic approach.

- Discover various sculpting materials and tools suited for detailed work.

- Practice sculpting techniques through step-by-step demonstrations and personalized guidance.

No prior sculpting experience is required, and all materials will be provided. 


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OU Library Emerging Technologies Workshops

Friday, October 6thtime: 9-12pm and 1-4pm  
Instructor: Bobby Reed and Kristi Wyatt

Location: Edge Lab in the OU Library

Cost: TBA with Confab registration / TBA workshop only

Limit of 6 participants per workshop, 2 sessions. 3-hour workshop.

The OU emerging technologies libraries will present a workshop on photogrammetry, 3d scanning, and augmented reality sculpting. 

This workshop will introduce you to the wonders of 3D scanners, such as the state-of-the-art Artec Eva and Space Spider. Participants will have a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience as they learn to operate these advanced scanners, capturing intricate details of preselected objects.

After scanning, participants will use Adobe Medium software to delve into the captivating realm of virtual reality while manipulating and modifying scanned objects.

By the end of the workshop, you will have honed your 3D sculpting skills and crafted your very own designs. To commemorate your journey into this immersive technology, we'll help you export 3D printable files of your creations, allowing you to bring your imaginative masterpieces to life in the physical world.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of 3D scanning, virtual reality sculpting, and the satisfaction of holding your own 3D printed creation. Join us and unlock the gateway to a new dimension of creativity and innovation!

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Clay 3d printing design and production Workshop

Friday, October 6th, time: 10am-noon 

Instructor: Jordan Lawson
Location: OU SoVA Sculpture Studios
 $60 with Confab registration / $80 workshop only
Limit of 8 participants. 2 hour workshop.

Participants will experience the processes of 3d printing with clay. This includes an introduction to design strategies using CAD, slicer settings, and the operation of the Potterbot 7 Pro 3d printer. Participants will be able to design and 3D print an object in clay. 

Demo will include:

·         How to create a CAD file through a software called FormZ and a slicing software called Simplify3d

·         How to incorporate simple shapes to create interesting clay forms.  

·         Demonstrating the transfer of files to the clay 3D printer, and printing a clay form.

Options will be available for OU to bisque fire and ship workshop outcomes. Shipping will be determined through a pre-paid label once the creation is ready to ship back.


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