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Become more active in your role as an MSA member by joining one of our committees. Committees are responsible for planning and executing MSA business and developing items for vote at the Board of Directors meetings. Please read on for details on each of our committees and information on how to join.

By-Law Committee: 
Phoenix Savage - Chair

Suggests, researches, composes, and edits the by-laws as needed and at the request of the board. All changes are subject to a vote of the full board.

Confab Committee:
Leticia Bajuyo - Chair

Plans and executes MSA Confabs. The next confab will be held in 2023 in Norman, OK.

Conference Committee:
Stacey Holloway - Chair

Plans and executes MSA conferences. The next conference will be held in 2024 in Birmingham, AL.

Development Committee:
Kristen Tordella-Williams - Chair

Works on building the funding for MSA's various projects through sponsorship and grant work.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee:
Christyn Overstake - Chair

Helps explain, promote and encourage the DEI mission and has an important role in holding the organization accountable. Ensures that DEI work remains a priority in all programming.

Indoor Exhibition Committee:
Mike Barclay - Chair

Actively searches for indoor venues for MSA exhibition. Plans, markets and oversees evaluation, selection, notification and other events associated with indoor exhibitions.

Online Panels Committee:
Cassidy Frye - Chair

Plans and organizes online live events such as panel discussions, gallery/artist talks and virtual studio tours. Works to make these discussions and events accessible for members and the community. 

Outdoor Exhibition Committee:
Miranda Kyle - Chair

Actively searches for outdoor venues for MSA exhibition. Plans, markets and oversees evaluation, selection, notification and other events associated with outdoor exhibitions.

Nomination Committee:
Leticia Bajuyo - Chair

Suggests new board members and provides the board with pertinent information including CV, website and other relevant information.

Recognition Committee:
Phoenix Savage - Chair

Works to recognize board members who are stepping down and winners of the Master's Award. This can include procuring gifts and organizing functions and/or dinners

Scholarship Committee:
Elizabeth Kronfield - Chair

Suggests and/or recruits jurors for the scholarship competition and assists in marketing, management and overseeing the process of evaluation, selection and notification as well as any coordination of the exhibition or presentations needed.

Social Media Committee:
Jacob Phillips - Chair

Manages social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). Promotes events and programming. Populates and answers questions on social media as needed.

Please fill out THIS FORM to indicate your interest in one or more of our committees. We will reach out to you through email when your form is received. 

Call: +(803) 956-9876


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