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Workshops and Demonstrations:

Tig Welding; Process, Materials and Techniques Page Burch

The Engineer Guy- Flexible Mold Making Materials and Plastics for Casting    Nelson Burke

Incorporating 3-D Scanning and Computer Modeling into a Sculpture Studio PracticeGreg Pond 

Laser Cutting Workshop 

Rigging:  Do it Right!Robert West,  Tennessee/Alabama Sling Center,

Hand Torched Borosilicate Glass Sculpture Emily Williams

Castable Resin and Silicone Mold Making Material & Patina   Stan Townsend

ShopBot Demonstration  Mike Wsol

Blacksmithing Demonstration Mark Hopper

Documenting Sculpture  Chris Oughtred

Portrait Modeling Materials & Techniques  Kevin Chambers

Maintenance of Outdoor Sculpture -Problems, Procedures and Materials   Eva Conwell, Conwell Conservation

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