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MSA Conference 2024

Keynote speaker, Vanessa German, is a self-taught citizen artist working across sculpture, performance, communal rituals, immersive installation, and photography, in order to repair and reshape disrupted systems, spaces, and connections. Her practice proposes new models for social healing, utilizing creativity and tenderness as vital forces to reckon with the historical and ongoing catastrophes of structural racism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, resource extraction, and misogynoir.

Vanessa will share insights into mixed-media sculpture and contemporary African-American art, offering a unique lens often marginalized in broader discussions.

Guest speaker, George Ferrandi, is an American artist whose performance, installation and participatory projects address issues of vulnerability, impermanence, fallibility and spectacle, often through experimental approaches to narrative. Employing a unique humor and deep sense of humanity, her work ranges in form and scale from simple gestures–like resting her head on the shoulder of a stranger on the subway, to giant spectacles–like parading with hundreds of people through the streets of South Philly. It’s often a collaborative experiment in story-telling, with participants becoming performers in the narrative or even creating it.

Call: (803) 956-9876


PO Box 333101
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

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