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MSA Talks: An Online Panel Discussion Series

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed artists’ ways of working, thinking, and communicating in the past few months. In order to make sense of this as a community, the Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Board of Directors invites you to attend a special online series of panel discussions throughout 2020. Within this series, we will present monthly live broadcasts featuring professionals, educators, our members, and more. These panels will cover an array of topics that explore and discuss current issues within the field of contemporary sculpture. The panel discussions will be live and available free to the public as well as archived for further viewing after the live event.

The second panel in the series, Tearing Down Monuments, will focus on the current protest and removal of sculptural monuments, what can be done with them and what can replace them. 

Panelists will present for 45 minutes., followed by a 45 minutes Q&A segment. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions in the comments section to be selected by the announcer. 

Join us for the live event on Facebook on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 at 7pm EST

Didn't get to participate with the live panel discussion?

You can check out a recording at the MSA Facebook page foundhere or check out all of MSA's video content on the newly launched Mid-South Sculpture Alliance youtube channel which can be found here 

The first of this series, “The Online Sculpture Classroom,” was focused on finding innovative ways to teach sculpture online during a time when students may not have access to equipment, tools, or facilities. Professionals shared their experience as current professors and gave our audience innovative ideas on how to navigate teaching sculpture online. MFA student, Nyasha Madamobe joined the panel and provided a student perspective on the successes and challenges of learning sculpture online. The panel will lasted 45 minutes and included a live question and answer section. 

Moderator: Leticia Bajuyo, Associate Professor, Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Professional Participants:

Naomi Falk, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

Coral Penelope Lambert, Professor of Sculpture, Alfred University

David Marquez, Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University

Nyasha Madamombe, 2020 Dianne Komminsk Scholarship Winner and University of Tennessee Knoxville, MFA Candidate

Call: +423-903-5648

Email: admin@midsouthsculpture.org

PO Box 3505, Chattanooga | TN 37404

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