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Women in Sculpture Outdoor Exhibition 

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance
Outdoor – Women in Sculpture - RFP
Chattanooga, TN

Submission Deadline: August 2nd, 2019

Eligibility: Mid-South Sculpture Alliance, Texas Sculpture Group, Chicago Sculpture International, Tri-State Sculpture members who identify as women.

Exhibition location: The Riverwalk in Chattanooga’s TN Riverpark and urban Chattanooga

: Three honorariums of 5,000 and two honorariums of $7,000

Chakaia Booker

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance and Public Art Chattanooga seek artists’ proposals for a temporary sculpture exhibition with three sites along the newest section of the Riverwalk along the Tennessee River and two sites in the urban corridor of Chattanooga, TN. This exhibition is a partnership with the Lyndhurst Foundation and supported by the City of Chattanooga.


MSA will award three selected artists a $5,000.00 honorarium and two selected artists $7,000 to cover expenses such as the temporary lease of the artwork, transportation to and from the installation site, and artist fees for on-site availability during installation and de-installation. If multiple pieces are selected from one artist an honorarium will be awarded for each sculpture. MSA and sponsors will provide logistical and staff support and incur the costs associated with site preparation, physical installation and promotional events and materials.

August 2, 2019                                  Final deadline to receive entries

August 9, 2019                                  Artist notified via email

September, 2019                              Delivery/Installation dates, by appointment                                                                                                                                              with MSA exhibition coordinator

September 2019-2021                     Exhibition Dates                                                     
September 2021                               De-installation dates, by appointment with MSA                

Artist Eligibility
This opportunity is open to all professional visual artists, aged 18 and older, who identify as women and are current or new professional members of MSA, Texas Sculpture Group, Chicago Sculpture International, or Tri-State Sculpture. Each applicant may enter up to THREE works; all entries must have been conceived and created by the artist submitting the work; all media suitable for outdoor exhibition will be considered. Applying for membership can be made when submitting for this exhibition.

There are two separate locations for this exhibition. Three sculptures will be selected for the Wheeland Foundry section of the Riverwalk. Two sculptures will be selected for the sites located in the urban core of Chattanooga. The first is a site located downtown near Riverside Drive and between the two Aquarium buildings. The second is located near Veterans Bridge on a grass verge.

Sculptures selected for the Wheeland Foundry section must be a minimum of 5’ in height. Sculptures selected for the urban sites must be a minimum of 10’ in height. Final sites will be determined based on the scale of selected sculptures and most appropriate location for each work.

Artists will need to provide artwork dimensions and weight with submitted materials. There are three possible installation techniques
(height & weight restrictions apply):

  • 1.     5’ x 5’ x ½”steel plate re-usable/portable foundation.
  • 2.    5’ x 5’x ½” steel plate attached to small concrete pad (to comply with 120 mile/hr wind requirements if sculpture does not weigh enough).
  • 3.    Existing Large concrete pads on site with 5’ x 5’ x ½” steel plate anchored to them. 
  • 4.    If the artwork exceeds limitations of the above installation techniques, the artist or their representative will need to file for a permit with the City of Chattanooga. Artists will be notified by MSA if this is required upon selection.

Artwork Themes
There are no mandated themes for the artwork. However, we encourage the entry of pieces of an exciting, vibrant, and energetic nature. Submitted works must be completed and available for delivery by pre-arranged installation dates in September of 2019.

Artwork Scale

MSA is seeking sculptures capable of creating a visual impact in a green corridor along a river and a busy urban environment. Works selected for the Wheeland Foundry section must be a minimum of 5’ in height. Works selected for the two urban sites must be a minimum of 10’ in height. The scale of the work will be considered with respect to its immediate location as well as the available installation techniques.

Artwork Materials

There are no recommended materials but the artists should consider the viability of the work’s structure and appearance and ability to be displayed outdoors for to 2 years. The Chattanooga climate is hot and humid with intense sunlight, periodic rain, thunderstorms, and cold with infrequent freezing temperatures during the winter. All artwork must, therefore, be durable and require no maintenance.

Artist Responsibilities
Sites are for larger stable sculptures that can be securely anchored to the ground. The installation committee will coordinate with individual artists selected to ensure safe installation. MSA will supply power and assistance for your installation. The artist will provide hardware needed.

Artists selected to exhibit their artwork will be responsible for:

· Transportation of artwork to and from the exhibition site.

· Assistance and supervision of the installation of the artwork.

· Availability for interviews, public interactions and educational dialogue with prior notification, during installation or de-installation and if possible during MSA events/programs related to the exhibition.

· Appropriate installation hardware.

Both selected and rejected artists will be notified of their selection by e-mail.

Chakaia Booker began to integrate discarded construction materials into large, outdoor sculptures in the early 1990s. Tires resonate with her for their versatility and rich range of historical and cultural associations. Booker slices, twists, weaves, and rivets this medium into radically new forms and textures, which easily withstand outdoor environments.

For her, the varied tones of the rubber parallels human diversity, while the tire treads suggest images as varied as African scarification and textile designs. The visible wear and tear on the tires evokes the physical marks of human aging. Equally, Booker’s use of discarded tires references industrialization, consumer culture, and environmental concerns.

Booker’s artistic process is enormously physical, from transporting the tires to reshaping them with machinery. Though she has adopted utilitarian jeans and work boots in her studio, she always wears a large, intricately wrapped headdress, which has links to her earliest wearable art and has become her fashion signature.

Booker received a B.A. in sociology from Rutgers University in 1976, and an M.F.A. from the City College of New York in 1993. She gained international acclaim at the 2000 Whitney Biennial with It’s So Hard to Be Green (2000), her 12.5 x 21 foot wall-hung tire sculpture. Booker received the Pollock-Krasner Grant in 2002 and a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2005. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Application Requirements

  1. Images of up to 3 recent works. If necessary, please include additional detail shots of work submitted. Each image must be:

·      Saved in jpeg format

·      Set color to RGB

·      Image size should not exceed horizontal pixel dimension of 1920 pixels or vertical pixel dimension of 1080 pixels

·      Saved as artist’s last name and image’s title. Example: DOE_UNTITLED.jpg

  1. A complete list of images. For each image, include:
    • Title
    • Medium
    • Dimensions
    • Weight of sculpture
    • Maximum projected wind surface area & estimated center height of projected wind surface
    • Date completed
  1. Short Artist statement or bio (150 words max)
  2. Completed entry form

If you have any questions please contact Baggs McKelvey, MSA Managing Director at admin@midsouthsculpture.org

Call: +423-903-5648

Email: admin@midsouthsculpture.org

PO Box 3505, Chattanooga | TN 37404

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