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Leticia Bajuyo


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Leticia R. Bajuyo received her M.F.A. in 2001 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and her B.F.A. in 1998 from the University of Notre Dame. From a rural town on the border of Illinois and Kentucky, Bajuyo began creating art in Metropolis, Illinois long before realizing what she was tinkering with could be called art. Bajuyo presently creates, lives, and teaches in Norman where she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. Bajuyo creates sculptures, visual poems, and site-responsive installations inspired by cyclical patterns. Her continued research of cultural privilege and internalized pressures of assimilation yields a drive to create visions of comfort, containment, and control.
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In addition to exhibitions of her individual artwork, Bajuyo seeks community and welcomes collaboration by participating in artist collectives:

Project Vortex - an international not-for-profit collective of artists, designers and architects actively focusing on the global problem of plastic pollution through our work

Land Report Collective - a group artists in Wyoming, Tennessee, and Texas who create and exhibit artworks together as they deal with landscape in fundamental ways and as a foundational reference point

TLC Art Collective - three women who combine their individual work as a muralist, a sculptor, and a landscape architect to collaboratively design and create public art that is intrinsically community-focused

Filipinx Artists of Houston - a collective of Filipinx visual, performing, literary, culinary and multidisciplinary artists in Texas

ENID: Generations of Women Sculptors, an organization of female sculptors who gather and exhibit in respect of Louisville native and recognized sculptor Enid Yandell (1869-1934).
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