Bits & Bites

Starbucks Coffee Coffee House, 0.1 miles
Adjacent to the Fairfield, this Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-770-2706

Smoothie King Other, 0.1 miles
Located behind the Fairfield, this health-conscious chain features blended drinks in varied flavors, nutritional products & snacks. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Phone:  +1-615-540-1176

Butchertown Hall Bar-B-Q, 1 miles
Rustic-chic New American spot with a beer garden for wood-fired & smoked eats, brews & cocktails. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-454-3634

The Mad Platter American, 1 miles
Daily menus of locally sourced American fare in a restored 100+-yr.-old building with a small patio. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-242-2563

Germantown Cafe Southern, 1 miles
Southern cafe featuring an eclectic uptown menu & a Downtown skyline view amid sleek decor. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-242-3226

312 Pizza Company Pizza, 1 miles
Pan pizzas & other Chicago-style fare join draft beers in a big, airy pub with a rustic wood bar. Open for lunch and dinner.Phone:  +1-615-730-7888

Silo Southern, 1 miles
Upscale, Southern-accented bistro in a dramatic space with woven wood-panel walls. Open for dinner. Phone:  +1-615-750-2912

Rolf & Daughters American, 1 miles Industrial-chic restaurant with clever New American dishes, communal tables & inventive cocktails. Open for dinner. Phone:  +1-615-866-9897

The Little Donkey Mexican, 1 miles
Little Donkey Was Born Out Of Our Love Of The Vibrant Flavors And Brilliant Combinations That Traditional Mexican Cooks Have Created For Centuries. Open for lunch and dinnerPhone:  +1-615-567-5886

Monell's Restaurant Southern, 1 miles
All-you-can-eat Southern comfort food served family-style at communal tables in a Victorian house. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-248-4747

Swett's Restaurant Southern, 2.8 miles
Homestyle Southern fare served cafeteria-style, including collard greens, cornbread & fried chicken. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-329-4418

Puckett's Restaurant & Grocery Southern, 2.9 miles
Southern bar & grill with an old-general-store feel & a large stage for live music acts. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-770-2772

Bobbie's Dairy Dip American, 4.7 miles
Nostalgic, circa-1951 ice cream parlor & burger stand with neon accents & outdoor tables. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-463-8088

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Caribbean, 3.1 miles
Daily live music & a menu of Caribbean & seafood fare draw fans to this casual theme bar. Open for lunch and dinner Phone:  +1-615-208-9080

Hattie B's Hot Chicken American, 3 miles
Mild to very spicy fried chicken, southern sides & local brews in a casual, counter-service eatery. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-678-4794

The Old Spaghetti Factory Italian, 2.7 miles
Family-friendly chain eatery featuring traditional Italian entrees amid turn-of-the-century decor. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-254-9010

Demos' Restaurant Multiple cuisines, 2.6 miles
Italian classics & traditional American dishes such as steaks & chops served in a homey environment. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-256-4655

Bricktop's Restaurant American, 3.3 miles
Upscale chain serving gourmet New American dishes in a stylish, contemporary setting. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-298-1000

Maggiano's Little Italy Italian, 3.3 miles. Semi-upscale chain for classic Italian fare served family-style in a relaxed, polished space. Open for lunch and dinner. Phone:  +1-615-514-0270

Arnold's Country Kitchen Southern, 3.6 miles
Diners choose southern & soul food classics plus desserts from a cafeteria-style steam table. Open for lunch. Phone:615-256-4455

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden American, 4.7 miles. Creative selection of burgers & sausages along with an old-time soda fountain & outdoor seating. Open for lunch and dinner Phone:  +1-615-712-9517

Pancake Pantry American, 4 miles
Super popular local restaurant famous for flapjacks and a down-home breakfast. Open for breakfast and lunch. Phone:  +1-615-383-9333

Things to Do

Art & Invention
Having five to six shows annually, including the signature 
Tomato Art Show in August and Holiday Artisan Show in December, Art & Invention Gallery focuses on inventiveness in fine art, craft and original furniture. Adult and Children Workshops are held throughout the year as an outlet for creative energy.
1106 Woodland 

Tinney Contemporary

Tinney Contemporary is a Nashville based art gallery specializing in collectible contemporary works by established local, regional, national, and international artists. We present a series of rotating exhibitions throughout the year and participate in the First Saturday Art Crawl on the first Saturday of each month. The gallery is led by Susan Tinney (Owner) and Sarah Wilson (Gallery Director). 

David Lusk Gallery
The two programs (Memphis and Nashville) aren’t identical; neither are the two spaces; and the staff in each place firmly believes in their town and the DLG artists.

516 Hagan St·

Things to Do/Art to See

The Arts Company

Founded in 1996, The Arts Company is a vital aspect of Nashville’s arts scene. Housed in a 6,000-square-foot historic building, The Arts Company is host to numerous artists; from Edward Belbusti to Brenda Buffett and Thornton Dial, not to mention MSA members JAn Chenoweth and Roger Halligan. The Company has built up strong grapports with many businesses in the area to sustain their high level of cultural work, and as a result, are able to put on 12 vastly varying exhibitions annually. 

The Arts Company, 215 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN, USA, +1 615 254 2040

Frist Center

The Frist Center is one of the most important destinations for contemporary art in Nashville. Housed in a beautiful Art Deco building, the venue offers a new show every six to eight weeks, busying itself with displaying the works of local as well as international artists working across many media (renowned artist Vik Muniz, for example, exhibited his still life art of garbage materials). 

Frist Center, 919 Broadway, Nashville, TN, USA +1 615 244 3340

Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art

A former family mansion belonging to the Cheeks, who had built their wealth from marketing an especially favored blend of coffee, the Cheekwood Museum of Art’s permanent collection comprises exquisite examples of American and British decorative arts, as well as contemporary artworks by the likes of Andy Warhol and Larry Rivers. Unique to the museum is the 100-acre woodland surrounding the mansion; paths that run across the woods are dotted with sculptures by international contemporary artists, which together form a collection named the Carell Woodland Sculpture Trail. 

Cheekwood Museum of Art, 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville, TN, USA +1 615 356 8000

The Rymer Gallery

5th Avenue of the Arts is a group of art galleries located in downtown Nashville. Every first Saturday of the month, each gallery offers a reception or opening for a collective event: the First Saturday Art Crawl. The event is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy a wealth of amazing art in one place, as these galleries are all to be found on the same block in the center of Nashville’s Arts District. The Rymer Gallery is certainly sat the top of the pack; this space boasts a 30,000 square-foot location, and represents young, talented multimedia artists. 

The Rymer Gallery, 5th Avenue North, Nashville, TN, USA +1 615 752 6030

Tinney Contemporary

Primarily a commercial gallery helping artists market their works to collectors and public venues, Tinney Contemporary also has an exhibition space and presents several shows throughout the year. The gallery prides itself on its unique selection of avant-garde contemporary artists that it brings to the public’s attention. Although it is open to all art forms, it often focuses on painters and artists working with mixed media. Tinney Contemporary, 237 5th Avenue North, Nashville, TN, USA, +1 615 255 7816


Zeitgeist Gallery debuted on Nashville’s art scene in 1994, and over the years has built a reputation as a space where both established and up-and-coming artists are welcome to explore their creative energy. The gallery also serves as the halfway point between the artists it represents and the collectors who will circulate their work. Represented artists include painters, sculptors, and photographers. On the side of its visual arts program of exhibitions, Zeitgeist gallery is home to Indeterminacies – a series of events where unusual and innovative local musicians present live performances. Writers, philosophers, and critics are also invited to spark a cross-disciplinary and unpredictable dialogue that is sure to offer inspiration at every note.

Zeitgest Gallery, 516 Hagan Street, Suite 100, Nashville, TN, USA, +1 615 256 4805

Gallery One

Located in downtown Nashville, Gallery One was founded in 2005, focusing on painting, sculpture, and works on paper. Gallery One has a regional scope of represented artists and strives to showcase emerging as well as established talents from the southeast region of the United States. Among them are Chris Segre Lewis, a Kentucky-based painter who highlights on his canvas the geometric shapes found in Western landscapes; Howard Hersh, an established and widely-exhibited painter whose works explore the relationships between art and nature; and Tomoo Kitamura, a Japanese sculptor known for the intriguing, organic forms which he handcrafts with ceramics.

Gallery One, 213 3rd Avenue North, Nashville, TN, USA +1 615 352 3006  

Haynes Galleries

Haynes Galleries carry the name of American artist and art collector Gary R. Haines. As it so often happens with galleries founded by collectors who have a clear artistic vision, the Haynes Galleries are characterized by a very strong identity. The galleries strictly focus on American Realism, an early 20th century artistic movement that straddled painting, literature, and music, and depicted both the good and bad of contemporary American society in a true-to-life way. 

Haynes Galleries, 1600 Division Street, Nashville, TN, USA +1 615 312 7000

Seed Space

Seed Space positions itself at the forefront of contemporary art practices, focusing on site-specific installations, sculpture, and performance-based arts. In the past, the gallery has showcased artists (such as Brad McCombs, Jack Ryan, Robbie Lynn Hungsinger, and others) who mostly create conceptually-driven works in the newest media. Much more than a gallery, Seed Space’s mission is to function as a center for debate and dialogue among local and national protagonists of the artistic community. 

Track One, 1201 4th Ave South Suite 131, Nashville, TN, USA +615 293 2413

Smallest Art Gallery

27 inches (approximately 68 centimeters) wide and 37 inches tall, the Smallest Art Gallery is an exhibition space consisting of a single display case hung on a public wall. There is no admission for the gallery and no opening hours – all visitors have to do is get to 21st Avenue in the heart of Nashville’s Hillsboro Village at any time during the day for a look. It’s hard to believe, but this is a fully-functioning gallery with curators, a program of rotating, month-long exhibitions, and illumination powered by solar energy. In addition to being the smallest gallery in Nashville, Smallest Art Gallery is also one of the most eccentric and must-see art corners in the city.

Smallest Art Gallery, 1807 1/2 21st Ave South, Nashville, TN, USA

Bennett Galleries

Located in a two-floor, red brick building in the heart of Green Hills, the Bennett Galleries is a family-run exhibition space and business showcasing works – mostly paintings and sculptures – by both national and international artists. Bennett Galleries, 2104 Crestmoor Road, Nashville, TN, USA +1 615 297 3201

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